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CMP Total Solution Service Business

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New 200 mm Patterned Wafers for 3DNAND Flash Memory Process Development

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New 200mm and 300mm TSV CMP Test Patterned Wafer, January 2013

New 200mm and 300mm TSV CMP test patterned wafers are based upon the test patterned mask designed by IZM-ASSID Fraunhofer. There are three different types of TSV CMP test patterned wafers. They are: 1) Cu CMP TSV process characterization wafer; 2) bonded wafer for backside device Si wafer grinding process development; and 3) backside device wafer Si thinning process characterization wafers. In order to manufacture these three types of new TSV CMP test patterned wafers, the following process technology and equipment are used:

1. Cu plating: Fountain Plating System
2. CMP polisher: Reflection System from AMAT
3. Edge Trimming Process for Device Wafer: Mechanical Blade Cut ("Circle Cut")
4. Carrier Wafer Spec: SEMI Standard 200 and 300mm Si Wafer
5. Temporary Bonding Process: Edge-Zone-Bonding/Release Method
6. Device Wafer Backside Wafer Grinding Process: Two Step Grinding Process (Rough Grinding and Fine Grinding)

Among all the TSV CMP test patterned wafers, 300mm wafers are available immediately. 200mm test patterned wafers will be available by around the middle part of this March. For further details, please click here.

Micro-Chevron Test Patterned Wafer For Wafer Bond Strength Characterization, March 2011

3D integration techniques require the characterization of wafer bonding processes as an essential part of the optimal implementation into stacked IC architectures. In the case of conventional characterization techniques, such as 3-pt and 4-pt bending, samples are prepared after bonding and require a special pre-crack which is used to help determine the bond quality. The accuracy and repeatability of these measurements is influenced by the pre-crack depth which is difficult to control especially for intermediate bonding where film thickness uniformity can vary over the surface of the stack.

The micro-chevron test is an evolution in wafer bond characterization. Although the chevron notch has been used for many years to test the fracture toughness of brittle materials, only recently has work been done to use it to evaluate the quality of bonded wafers. The integration of a chevron notch, at the bond interface eliminates the challenges of creating a pre-crack during sample preparation. The notch structure is patterned on to one of the wafers in the stack using photolithography and etching processes. These notched samples are evaluated using conventional testing tools with minor modifications to the test fixtures. Under an agreement with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, SUNY-Albany, we are happy to announce the establishment of new micro-chevron test patterned wafers. Using these test patterned wafers our customers will be able to test a variety of bonds including Cu-Cu and BCB-Si. For various 200mm test patterned wafer product offerings, metrology plan and characterization services, please contact us.

200mm and 300mm Standardized Test Patterned Wafers For Bonding Process Applications, September 2010

In 3D IC manufacturing and applications of TSV technology, wafer bonding is one of the most critical process steps. With the advancement in wafer bonding process, there is urgent need to quickly measure and quantify interfaces created by 3D processing for process and equipment qualification. With mutual agreement with SUSS Microtec, we are happy to announce establishment of new standardized test patterned wafers for 3D-IC wafer bonding applications. Using these standardized test patterned wafers, our customers will be able to check post-bond alignment bond quality, bond strength, hermaticity and electrical performance. There are two types of test patterned wafers: 1) the wafers based upon SUSS Microtec's mask design; and 2) new wafers based upon SKW CMP test patterned wafer mask design for defect characterization. Our initial product offerings are: 1) 4 200mm test patterned wafers; and 2) 4 300mm test patterned wafers. For further details, please click here.

200mm TSV Cu CMP Test Patterned Wafers With 20µm and 50µm Si Trench Depth (SKW6-TSV4-20µ and SKW6-TSV4-50µ), March 2010

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200mm TSV Test Patterned Wafer For Backside Si Layer Thinning Process Optimization (SKW6-TSV4G-20µ), March 2010

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300mm TSV Cu CMP Patterned Wafers (SKW6-TSV3-2 and SKW6-TSV3-NT), October 2009

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Updated Wafer Product List For Both 200mm and 300mm Blanket and Patterned Wafers, July 2009

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200mm TSV Cu CMP Test Patterned wafer ( SKW6-TSV3), July 2009

Through silicon vias (TSV's) are a key component in 3-D interconnect. TSV's improve electrical performance, reduce power consumption and shrink device sizes. Manufacturing TSV's involves via etching, filling and CMP. New test patterned wafer (SKW6-TSV3) has been introduced. In this new test patterned wafer, two major features are: contact arrays (ranges from 10µm - 200µm) and line/spacing arrays (ranges from 5µm - 150µm). For further details, please click here.

200mm GST CMP Test Patterned Wafer (SKW8), July 2009

Phase-change memory (PCM) is a type of non-volatile computer memory. PCM uses the unique behavior of chalcogenide glass, which can be "switched" between two states, crystalline and amorphous, with the application of heat. In order to fabricate the PCM device with high integration, CMP of thin chalcogenide (Ge2Sb2Te5) [GST] is required. For optimization of consumable sets, GST blanket and test patterned wafers have been introduced. We have currently one type of GST blanket wafer and two different types of GST CMP test patterned wafers: SKW8O-GST; and SKW8N-GST. Please click here for further information.

300mm Cu Test Patterned wafer ( SKW 6-ATR-40), July 2008

New 300mm Cu test patterned wafers (SKW 6-ATR-40) are introduced. The minimum feature size of this 65nm technology node wafer is 0.09 µm. With advanced e-testing features and intelligent dummy additions, these new types of 300mm test patterned wafers should have various technical advantages over other types of 65 nm technology node CMP process characterization and analysis test patterned wafers. We have currently six different types of ATR-40: ATR-40 Cu/ TEOS; ATR-40 Cu/Coral; ATR-40 Cu/Coral/TEOS cap; ATR-40 Cu/BDI; ATR-40 Cu/BDI/TEOS cap; and ATR-40 Cu/BDIx/TEOS cap wafers. Please click on each individual item for further information related to each new type of Cu CMP patterned wafer.

300mm W plug patterned wafer ( SKW 5-ATR-35P), July 2008

New 300mm W plug patterned wafers ( SKW 5-ATR-35P) are introduced. The minimum plug size ranges from 0.11 µm to 0.2 µm. The pattern density is up to 20% (from ~5%). Because of the size of the plug holes and pattern density variation, proper characterization of post-W CMP process requires focused-ion-beam(FIB) SEM. Please click here for the wafer specifications related to this advanced 300mm W plug pattern wafer.

New STI CMP Patterned 200mm and 300mm wafers (SKW 3-9), January 2008

New STI CMP patterned 200mm and 300mm wafers are introduced. Our current SKW 3-2 wafers (based upon MIT test patterned design) have been shown to be fairly ineffective in the use for advanced STI CMP process characterization. Particularly, it is quite difficult to carry out end-point-detection(EPD) routine for SKW 3-2 wafers because of:

1.) too wide pattern density range (0-100%)
2.) too wide feature size variation (0.5

In the case of our new STI CMP test patterned mask(SKW 3-9) wafers, the following modifications from SKW 3-2 have been made:

1.) die size: 14mm x 16mm (instead of 20mm x 20mm)
2.) mask consists of 7 columns, each consists of 8 unit blocks (instead of 5 columns and 5 rows)
3.) size of each feature block: 2mm x 2mm (instead of 4mm x 4mm)
4.) minimum feature size: 0.18
µm (instead of 0.5µm)
5.) logo and alignment marks are located at the bottom unit block of column 6
6.) we added three different types of cell structures ( I-cell, T-cell, and Z-cell) for defect characterization
In summary, our new SKW 3-9 mask serves the following items:
1 .) CMP dummy design rule test
2 .) Microscratch test (using I-cell, T-cell, and Z-cell)
3 .) Removal Rate and Planarization test
4 .) Slurry Characteristics test
5.) Dishing and Erosion test
6.) Pattern density test with different deposition materials (HDP CVD, HARP, SOG, BPSG, PSG, CORAL, ¡¦)
7.) Removal with different pad type
8.) EPD ( End Point Detection) capability
9.) SEM view

Currently, we have one SKW 3-9 200mm product (HDP CVD oxide version) and two 300mm SKW 3-9 products( HDP and HARP CVD oxide versions). Please click
200mm SKW 3-9 HDP CVD, 300mm SKW 3-9 HDP, or 300mm SKW 3-9 HARP wafers for further information.

New W Plug patterned 200mm wafer, SKW 5-RSAX, June 2008

New W plug patterned 200mm wafer, SKW 5-RSAX has been introduced. This current W plug patterned wafer, SKW 5-J085, was introduced about 2 years ago and has been well received among CMP infrastructure companies. However, this patterned wafer has a couple of weaknesses. The first weakness is its plug size variation (only 0.15µm-0.2µm). The second one is its very narrow plug array patterned density variation (~5%-7%). Our new W plug patterned 200mm wafer, SKW 5-RSAX, can make up for these two deficiencies. The plug sizes are 0.2µm and 0.7µm and the pattern density variation is 4%-25%. These two factors from SKW 5-RSAX make our new W plug patterned wafer a very valuable addition and compliment our current SKW 5-J085 wafer product. Please click here for the wafer specification related to this new 200mm W plug patterned wafer.

New 200mm Cu test patterned wafer (SKW6-6).
Up to now, the most popular Cu CMP test patterned wafer in CMP is Sematech 854 wafer (SKW6-3 Cu CMP test patterned wafer is virtually the same as Sematech 854 except three or four improvements over Sematech 854). Even though basic design concept is pretty sound, SEMATECH 854 (or SKW6-3) is basically designed for checking the effects of pattern density upon the planarization ability and modeling Cu CMP process. Due to this reason and because Sematech 754 test pattern is so different from actual device patterns in chip manufacturing companies, there are needs for the Cu CMP test patterned wafers which are very similar to actual device patterns in device manufacturing environment. In order to satisfy this requirement, we announce new Cu CMP test patterned wafer (SKW6-6). Currently, we have four different types of SKW6-6:SKW6-6 Cu/TEOS, SKW6-6 Cu/BD, SKW6-6 Cu/BD/SION Cap, and SKW6-6 Cu/BD/TEOS. Please click on each individual name for further information related to each new type of Cu CMP patterned wafers.

New 300mm Cu Test Patterned Wafer (SKW ATR-35).
New 300mm Cu Test patterned wafers based upon IBM/Novellus developed test pattern mask are introduced. For further information related to this new 300mm Cu test patterned wafers for 90nm technology mode (potentially can be extended for 65nm technology mode), please click here for further information.

New W Plug Patterned Wafer SKW5-J085 for 90nm Technology Node, November 2005.
This W plug patterned wafer has been designed to characterize planarity (oxide erosion) for 90 nm technology node. Die size is 32mmx25mm and it contains various plug areas down to 160nm in diameter. Suggested metrology guideline for oxide erosion is attached. Minimum design rule of W plug array is 160nm. Proper characterization tool for oxide erosion requires focus-ion-beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM).

Total CMP Characterization Service Business has been Established, September 2005.
Outsourcing of CMP process analysis and characterization activities has been popular trend in CMP industry. Using in-house characterization capabilities and outside technical networks developed during last seven years, SKW has started total CMP characterization services business starting this September. For SKW's current analytical capabilities for this new service business, please refer to the presentation materials attached. In addition, one example report based upon our recent service work performed for one customer in Japan is attached as reference.

New CMP Test Patterned 300mm Wafers Introduced, January 2005
Nine new CMP test patterned 300mm wafers have recently been introduced to SKW's current product line. They are: 1.) SKW 7-2; 2.) SKW 3-2; 3.) SKW 3-2C-6700-HDP; 4.) SKW 3-5; 5.) SKW 3-6; 6.) SKW 5-3; 7.) SKW 6-3 Cu/TEOS; 8.) SKW 6-3Cu/BD; 9.) SKW 6-3 Cu/CORAL. For further information regarding to this product line, please contact us.

Second XE-300 Atomic Force Microscope/Atomic Force Profiler (Integrated with ChampiAn Software), December 2004
Cheil Industries (CMP slurry manufacturer in Korea) has ordered the second XE-300 Atomic Force Microscope/ Atomic Force Profiler (integrated with SKW's in-house software, ChampiAn). This system will be used for the profiling of 90nm/ 65nm technology node test patterned wafers such as SKW 6-3(0.13µm), SKW 6-5, SKW 5-ICP-A and SKW 5-ICP-K. This system will be delivered by March 2005.

New W CMP Patterned wafer for 90nm technology node, November 2004
Two new W CMP patterned wafers have been introduced and released. SKW 5-ICP-A(based upon the ATR-30 mask) and SKW 5-ICP-K( based upon the K194 mask) have minimum feature sizes of 0.14µm and 0.12µm respectively. Using both types of wafers, edge-over-erosion (EOE) phenomena for fine metal line array structures can be investigated.

New W CMP Plug Patterned Wafer, November 2004
SKW 5PB has been introduced as our new W CMP plug patterned wafer. Based upon the RAM 9 mask, SKW 5PB possesses a plug size of 0.15µm. Please contact SKW Associates, INC. for further details.

New Cu CMP Test Patterned Wafers Based upon LSIK194 Reticle, September 2004
Using these 90nm CMP test vehicles, our customers can determine the effects of various dummy features upon CMP processes, changes in the interaction length due to various pattern density features and CMP process parameters in addition to planarity and defectivity evaluations. Complete e-testing capabilities are available. Various M1 single Cu layer wafers are available. Die size is 25mm x 15mm and minimum feature size is 0.12mm. This October M1/Via1/ M2 multiple Cu layer wafers will be available. Please contact us for further information
regarding to these new products.

SKW Associates' ChampiAn Software Has Been Integrated into PSIA XE-300P Long Range Scan Atomic Force Profiler, September 2004
Since July of 2003, SKW Associates has been working with PSIA Corporation to integrate ChampiAn software into PSIA XE-300P long range scan atomic force profiler. This new "intelligent" long range profiler for CMP process characterization has been commercially available since May of 2004. Please click here for further information related to this "intelligent" integrated profiler.

Daisy Chain Test Patterned Wafers For Packaging Process Development, September 2004
Various daisy chain test patterned wafers for packaging process development and equipment qualifications are available. These three metal/ three dielectric layer test patterned wafers are designed to establish packaging industry-wide package testing methodologies. The wafers for both flip chip and wire bonding packaging technologies are available. Please click here for further information.

New W CMP Test Patterned Wafer SKW 5-ICP for 90nm Technology Node, August 2004
This advanced W interconnect test patterned wafer is designed for 90nm technology node. Die size is 22.124mm x 19.25mm and contains single level W line patterns. Minimum feature size is 140nm. These wafers were processed using 193nm lithography technology.

New Cu CMP Test Patterned Wafer SKW 6-3 (0.13 mm) Cu/BD and SKW 6-3 (0.13 mm) Cu/BD/SiON Capping Layer, July 2004
These advanced Cu/low-k integrated wafers for 90nm technology node are designed to characterize both planarity and defectivity evaluations. Die size is 20mm x 20mm and both types of wafers contain single level Cu line patterns. Minimum design rule of the Cu line is 130nm. These wafers were processed using 193nm lithography technology.

2" CMP Test Patterned Wafers, July 2004
Low cost and high quality 2" CMP test patterned wafers for oxide, STI, W, Cu/TEOS and CU/Black Diamond CMP process development are now available. Please click here for further information related to this new innovative wafer product.


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